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Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill once again together

Punjabi movies have seen many ups and downs. For a long time the industry was in boom and then was down for a while. Now, again the Punjabi movies are the most awaited movies after Bollywood. The Punjabi industry has been given name Pollywood. Punjabi actors which were on their career top, are coming back on silver screen. The films are rich in old and liked content, as well as are filled with numerous genreĀ  of cinema and theater.

Once again Punjabi films made Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill together

After 16 years of separation and may be some differences, once again, Yograj Singh and actor Guggu Gill could be seen together with Punjabi flick 25 Kille. The story is based on land disputes, brotherhood, and enmity. There are more known faces from industry such as Sonia Mann, Ranjha Vikram Singh both from South movie industry Tollywood.