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Salony Luthra and her ‘Blackbird’ performance Bharangam 2017

New Delhi: Actor Salony Luthra received accolades as she played one of the two principal characters in the Hindi version of the unremittingly intense 80 minute one act play by Scottish playwright David Harrower called ‘Blackbird’. The play was staged at the prestigious Bharat Rang Mahotasv 2017 at NSD in Delhi. Along with Salony, veteran theater personality Swanand Kirkire is the other principal character in the intense drama. 
Uma played by Salony and Rajesh by Swanand are psychologically scarred by an episode that occurred 15 years earlier which left both their lives in tatters. They haven’t seen each other since. ‘Blackbird’ is a British slang for ‘Jailbird’. Uma has endured a lifetime of being ‘talked about, pointed at, stared at,’ while Rajesh has done his time and rebuilt his life. After all these years, Uma confronts Rajesh in the littered lunchroom of his workplace. This confrontation rockets back and forth between anger, curiosity, confusion, and even a persistent attachment to Rajesh, whom Uma loved and believed, he loved her.
Directed by Himanshu Kohli and Prashant Kumar, this one hour and twenty minute play had audiences riveted. The play has had several shows in Mumbai and has been appreciated by audiences and critics alike. 

Salony Luthra done a marvelous job at Bharangam 2017.

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