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The Outspoken Girl – Saloni Chopra RedHeadWayfarer

Who is Saloni Chopra – RedHeadWayFarer

Chandigarh 02nd Aug, 2017: Its always believed that the girl shouldn’t be that much outspoken, but is it the real fact? I was, when reading through a few journals favoring girls around the world – who all have done extra ordinarily for society, thinking that there is more to give the society back. (Sarcastically) As much as it nourishes you with their poking eyes, worst comments, and pushing behavior. Alright, said enough, I reached the columns or journals written by this pretty lady Saloni Chopra, also known as redheadwayfarer. She selected the name defying the rules, as a girl can have red hairs too, why not.
The journals are not journals, they should also have a name, can I call them “liberation” no or would it be “freedom”. When I read her first write up I though she cares less about society than she trust her thoughts or brain. A girl with loads of experience at this young age, yes its seemingly mature enough; do not read between lines, all girls are brainy (they are). I needed not to quote that, lets come back to what Saloni thinks. I presume she cares a lot of her surroundings, when she is writing, may be she is thinking of Salvation. She wants to correct things, as they need to be. Live free, live young, die young; may be this thought comes to her mind. I am sure she will not give me hundred out for this write up, not well deserved. But, I am surprised with the girl, more than I am impressed. She has fans, following her, sending her messages, she responds as well.
Whether its television, where she was Girl on Top, I mean the Girl on Top show (which she ruled) or on social media Instagram, she rules there too.
And, thats the reason Saloni, we all love you as you are RedHeadWayfarer.

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