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Renault Kwid AMT Automatic can save Renault?

Renault has launched a cost effective small hatchback car Kwid a few months back. This was an 800 cc car with little less space than competitors but with a promising looks of an SUV. The mini SUV car won millions of hearts with the looks then there was a need of more powerful engine. Which it got a month back with its newly launched 1.0 1000 cc new engine in Manual transmission. But, now what, the next is AMT Automatic transmission engine which has recently been launched.

Renault KWID AMT Automatic is again talk of the town.

It has a very unique dial on the dashboard to change the modes from Reverse-to-Neutral-to-Drive mode. This certainly is a plus or minus for many.

rENAULT KWID 1.0 L AMT Automatic


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