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Latest News on NEET State Level Syllabi

NEET Syllabus Update

Good News for NEET State Level Aspirants. Will Now Include State Board Syllabi as Well
The notification of NEET 2018, which is a national level exam for admissions in MBBS/BDS courses, is expected to be released on January 31, 2018. But, there isa good news for all the state board aspirants who are appearing for NEET this year, as from now on, the exam will also consider state board syllabi as well.
Consideration of State Board Syllabi
After a special meeting on NEET 2018,Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, has confirmed that the state board syllabus will also be considered in the upcoming NEET 2018 which is scheduled to be held in the first week of May, 2018.
The exam used to consider only the CBSE board syllabus till now, due to which the state board students used to face immense problems. But from now on, NEET 2018 will also include the questions from the state board syllabus. This is a great step by government to bring central board and state board students on an equal footing
Problems of State Board Students
As till last year, NEET due to the CBSE syllabus in NEET, the students from the state boards were facing a lot of difficulties as their syllabus is different from that of CBSE. After giving the last year exam, many state board students said that the paper was tough for them and it would have been better if they were prepared according to the central board syllabus.
In state boards, many topics are not explained in detail and many are not present, they have a different syllabus set according to their respective states. The students from state boards said that they prepared according to their syllabus which ultimately led to lack of knowledge in many topics. Many students who gave the exam said that they found many topics which were not discussed in detail in their boards and they were unable to solve those questions.
Because of these difficulties, many students join coaching institutes to cover the syllabus according to CBSE but this is an extra burden on them. But not all candidates can afford coaching institutes, so it adds to the difficulty level to prepare for the exams.
These factors suggest that NEET was always tougher for these students.
Effects of This Major Change
Because of this step, the students from state boards will be encouraged to attempt the exam and they will find it easier to solve the exam papers.
Many students who thought that the central board students were being given an extra advantage in the exam, will get satisfied. This step will create a feeling of equality among the students and we may see a large number of applications this year after the initiative.
However, this may create a confusion in the minds of central board students that the syllabus of exam is changed and they may find it difficult to ace the exam now. All the aspiring candidates have already started their preparations, so a change in the syllabus at this time may panic them about their performances in the exam.
What Experts Have to Say About It?
Although it is a good decision by the ministry to consider state syllabi, but many experts say that it will be difficult to frame the exam papers based on multiple syllabi. A member of Medical Council of India said that these changes so close to the final exam may create confusion among the students. However, the step would be welcomed by all the state board students.


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