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Latest Episode Partners Double Ho Gayi Trouble

Latest Episode of Partners Double ho Gayi Trouble SAB TV


The challenges and tasks which lies ahead of Aditya and Manav are getting tougher day by day.
In the upcoming episode we will see, Inspectors Aditya and Manav are given the tough challenge of catching a notorious robbery gang- ‘The Chaddi gang!’ The gang has already raided Rasik’s house and now plan to move to their next target. Through their investigation, the Partners have concluded that the gang has a pattern for their crimes and thus figure out the location of the next robbery. Commissioner Gogol advises Aditya and Manav to station themselves as watchmen in the next crime spot.
In order to capture the Chaddi gang, Adi (Vipul Roy) and Manav (Kiku Sharda) make a plan to create a rival gang – the Baniyan gang, to trap them.
In another case, famous thief Chandu Chuha (Amit Goel ) escapes from prison. Ironically, he escapes around the same time Inspector Manav is boasting to the police staff about Chandu’s arrest. Hearing Manav boasting, Commissioner Gogol (Johny Lever) decides to punish Manav. He then orders Inspector Aditya and Sub-Inspector Bose to catch Chandu. Confident in Adi’s abilities, Manav makes a bet with Sundari ( Sulbha jadhav ) claiming that if Aditya catches Chandu she will have to bring him food for a month but if he fails Manav will marry Sundari. Unfortunately, Chandu runs away before Aditya can catch him.
How will Manav get out of the situation? Will he have to marry Sundari to honour his word?
Speaking on the new storylines, actor Vipul Roy playing Inspector Aditya said “These episodes are extremely humorous and entertaining.  Manav is in huge spot this time and audiences will enjoy his predicament. “
Watch the crazy comedy only on Sony SAB’s Partners –Trouble Ho Gayi Double Monday to Friday– at 9.30PM!