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Inter University Gymnastics Ball and Hoop Tournament Panjab University

Inter State University Gymnastics Championship Tournament

Chandigarh, February, 2017: Inter State University Gymnastics Championship Tournament held at Panjab University gymnasium hall in Chandigarh. The girls participated in Gymnastics floor activities. Girls were divided into groups and they performed accordingly on the floor with their respective props. The gymnasts performed Hoola Hoop, Ball, Dance Ribbon, Rope, Gymnastics Rings, and Gymnastics Sticks. The rhythmic acrobatics were shown with fusion of dance steps on the latest bollywood and international songs. Here are the glimpses from the floor rhythmics Girls performance:


Gymnast Girls from across all Indian universities participated for eg. Pune University, Malegaon University, Banasthali University, Mumbai University, Rajasthan University, Lucknow University, Delhi University, Allahabad University and Panjab University.

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