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The rowdiness on roads during Holi in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, 2nd March, 2018:


There was a total mess on the roads of Chandigarh. Though, the rush was very less on the roads. There were a few only ruckus makers, and nuisance guys on the roads. Scooters without the silencers and twisted number plates was on the go. Here are a few exclusive pictures from the guys who took everything for granted and didn’t even care for their lives. Without helmet and triple riding to making obnoxious sounds were their way of making fun during Holi.
Though, Chandigarh Police took every action to check up vehicles, to check documents of rash drivers and routine checkups as well. There were a few Nakas in the city to curb the situation.
And, then people blame Police for any mishaps with these people. What if they fell off, what if they get injured, whom should we blame for? Isn’t it their parents the same responsible who let their wards go off roads by providing them everything they need to show off.