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Interview of Geeta Kapur (Geeta Ma) Dancing Maestro

Q: How does it feel to be a part of Sony SAB’s India ke Mast Kalandar?

Geeta: I am excited. It is not the regular format where I am always serious about what is happening on stage. It is all about having fun and getting entertained. So, I am really looking forward to having a good laugh.

 Q: You have judged many different shows in the past, how different is this show?

Geeta: This is extremely different because whatever shows I have judged until now, were dance based. That has a lot of seriousness attached to it because your judgement can make or break someone’s career, life and dreams. Over here, although the judgement is serious, it about giving a chance to people who have always been laughed at and never taken seriously. That is what I love about the show. The concept of the show is to see how people go out of their way and entertain people, and they do it to entertain themselves. It is tricky. I am hoping to have a good laugh. I am also hoping to have a great experience with my co-judge Mika. It has never happened before. I have never worked with Sumeet before, either. I think that is going to be exciting.

 Q: Is there any specific reason to say yes to the show?

Geeta: I have done almost every show with this production house and their team and have worked with our project head, Nikul in the past.  There is a side of me he sees that nobody else does, I guess. Everyone has always seen me as a judge for dance shows. He sees me as a person who can have fun off-camera and its high time we start having fun on camera. Therefore, with this show, I am giving the viewers a chance to laugh their heart out, have a great time and get entertained. So, that is one of my main reasons for doing it. Another reason is that I would also like to dabble in a new kind genre of reality TV. Would like to see how it different it is, really, for someone other than just coming and saying, “Bachpan se khwaab hai nachne ka”. I would like to see how it is different from that.

 Q: So, the show will showcase atrangi talents. Do you have any atrangi talents?

Geeta: I have a feeling that through this show, some of my atrangi talents might get revealed. But, I have never explored that side. I mean, the last 9 years I have had in TV, were based on that one talent I have and that is dance. I don’t know if I have any another talent – laughing loudly, I guess!

 Q: So what will be your criteria in judging? Are there any specific qualities that you are looking for in the contestants?

Geeta: I will just go with the flow. I am not going to keep some specific criteria because this is not a show that has been judged before nor has it been done before. So, it’s wrong to say that there is going to be a set pattern with which you are going on the floor. Since we haven’t gone on floor yet, I am looking forward to what will happen on stage, and thereafter, take it as it happens one day at a time.

 Q: Now do we see more of you in television or Bollywood is still your first love?

Geeta: You know, Bollywood stopped being my first love 8 years ago, when I started doing a reality show. It took up most of my time since I was mentoring the kids, choreographing for them and bringing them on-board. So, I think as long as people love me, they will call me on television. If they don’t, then wapas wahi dance.

 Q: Last question is, do you prefer dance reality shows over other talent shows?

Geeta: I prefer any show that entertains people. We are all in the business of entertainment. So, it is very important that even if it is a dance show, it needs to get people’s attention. Any show that entertains you and lets you sit with your family through the evening, is good because that is something that is missing nowadays. If any show can do that, I think that is what I want to be a part of. That is what needs to happen more.