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First Dogri Mobile App Launched in Jammu

Jan 27, 2018

First Dogri Mobile App

Jammu: Jan 27, 2018: Jammu will witness the launch of India’s first Dogri Mobile App on Feb 2, 2018. An initiative taken by Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust, under its ‘Save the Language’ campaign,’Discover Dogri’ mobile application is focused towards learning the language through use-in conversation, writing, reciting or singing or through listening on premise of Shruti and Dhwani. It will have English and Hindi word/ sentences translation into Dogri words.
‘Discover Dogri’ mobile application will also host Dogri poetry written and recited for easy understanding, and listening. Above all, it will have Dogri vocal artists and music showcase through audio and music video.
As a part of its ‘Save the Language’ Initiative, Kunwar Viyogi Memoria Trust will also unveil Dogri music video – Aayi Khushboo. Picturised at the famous Surinsar lake, Aayi Khushboo is penned by Kunwar Viyogiji and the words are adapted into dance by well-known kathak dancer Sanchita Abrol. Renowned Dogri singer Jitender Singh Jamwal has lent voice to the music video, while Sambhav Sharma has given the surreal music to it.
Speaking about the launch of ‘Discover Dogri’ mobile application, Poonam Singh Jamwal, Founder, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust said: “The App is designed with the aim to help people understand and learn the Dogri language. A wide range of Dogri songs, ghazals and music videos are also available to ensure popularization of the melodious Dogri music.” She informed that the App comprises of the Dogri Dictionary, wherein Dogri words are translated into Hindi and English. For better understanding of the user, sentences have also been constructed using Dogri words. Synonyms of various Dogri words are also available. Discover Dogri App, she said, also consists of Dogri Music and videos sung by renowned Dogri singers like Jitender Singh Jamwal, Seema Anil Seghal, Lovely Chandra, Sonali Dogra and many more.
In an event, to be held in collaboration with Cluster University, Jammu, at Women College Gandhi Nagar, the Trust will also release the Digital version of Sahitya Akademi Award winning writer Kunwar Viyogi’s book on Sonnets, Pehliyaan Banga. The book is a collection of 200 sonnets that Kunwar Viyogi penned in Dogri. In his sonnets, the writer creates a complex depiction of love. He comments on social norms, explores the struggles of human existence and shares life lessons that are wise and tongue in cheek at the same time.
In his sonnets, there is a heavy measure of hope and driving emotions that lend purpose to human existence.
While stressing that the Trust will continue to undertake efforts in the field of academics, literary, art innovation, technological advancements and entertainment to promote and popularise Dogri language and literature, Jamwal urged people to be a part of ‘Save the Language’ initiative and contribute in preserving the local dialect that continues to reign in the hearts of the people of Jammu.

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