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Elaichi Hiba Nawab from Jija Ji Chhat Per hain

 Elaichi love for Pancham brings only troubles for him in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

Sony SAB’s new show Jijaji Chhat Per Hain has kick started with the very entertaining antics of Elaichi and cute tussles between the father- daughter duo (Murari and Elaichi).
In the upcoming episode we will see, Murari’s (Anup Upadhyay) trusted Barber (Yogesh Tripathi) uses the father’s concern for Elaichi (Hiba Nawab) to instigate hatred and suspicion for the salesman Bijander with the false information that Bijander is in love with Elaichi. This leads to the sacking of  Bijandar and Murari decides to hire a married man as a salesman at his lehenga shop. Pancham (Nikhil Khurana), an aspiring musician comes for an interview, pretends to be married and gets hired by murali. To support the lies, Pancham makes his best friend Pintoo as his fake wife. Murari keeps them as his tenants as well and gives them a barsati on his terrace to stay.
When Elaichi sees Pancham, it is love at first sight for her. Elaichi being the naught mischievous young woman has a completely different way of showing her love and starts playing various pranks on him as a means of troubling him.
But will Pancham’s lie be caught by Elaichi? Will she find out about the truth that he is hiding?
Commenting on the track, Nikhil Khurana who plays Pancham said,” Pancham is an aspiring singer who wants to make it big in the world of music.  Due to financial constraints he has to resort to becoming a salesman at Murari’s lehenga shop, lie that he is married and to top it all introduce his best friend Pintoo as his wife. Murari’s daughter Elaichi is street smart and will try her best to find out the truth about  Pintoo which leads to many hilarious situations.”

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