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Corona Healing with Ayurvedic Medicines Covid 19 Update

Corona Covid 19 can be healed with these Ayurvedic medicines which are prepared with total precautions and under extreme guidelines by Shuddhi Clinics – said Acharya Manish ji. Who have already tested this medicine on many positive patients and they were found negative within a few days. There is no Government approval yet to this medicine, but could be used as a precautionary measure, he said. These medicines, being herbal, have no side effects and can be taken by all age groups. An advice by medical ayurvedic practitioner is mandatory, he added. Also, if taken these three medicines with full precautions and certain norms, the person can develop a strong defensive immunity so that no virus can harm him or her. If your immune system will be strong then there are less chances of you catching any sort of virus or fever. And, the medicines are not very costly.