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Latest Episode Partners Trouble Ho Gayi Double – Cofee Crime

A coffee crime case brews up an all in Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

Television’s favourite cop Jodi Manav and Aditya has a challenging and a mysterious case to solve on home grounds.
In the upcoming episodes, we will see the presence of an unconscious man in Dolly’s café leaves Dolly and Neena in a state of shock. They call Commissioner Gogol (Johny Lever) for help and he assigns the case to Inspectors Aditya (Vipul Roy)  and Manav  (Kiku Sharda)
Upon further examining and investigation, Aditya and Manav find traces of poison in the man’s (Damodar’s) coffee and establish it as the reason for his unconsciousness.

The coffee was given to Damodar by Ayesha, so now the Partners have to clear her name! Will Inspector Aditya and Manav find out who is trying to sabotage Ayesha or was she the one who committed the crime?
The Partners will have to put all their mind and might to solve this mystery and find the real culprit. Will they be successful is what we have to wait and watch?
Speaking on the story, actor Kiku Sharda playing Inspector Manav said “In this case, our love interests are in the line of fire. The Partners have to solve the case to find the criminal but also more so to protect their beloved Dolly and Neena. “