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CCL Celebrity Cricket League 2019 Chandigarh

Chandigarh 27th Feb, 2019: CCL Celebrity Cricket League begins in Chandigarh today. Team owners and celebrity players gathered for their first match. The wather was not clear, so unavoidably the first match was cancelled. The second match between Mumbai and Bengal Tigers happed in the grounds. You could see Bobby Deol bowling the first over from Mumbai Indians side as they lost the toss. Manoje seen in full form with his fielding skills. Saqib Salim was cheering up Bobby during entire play. He also bowled his first over in the innings. The ten over game was very interesting to watch. Here are some pictures where you can see Sohail Khan doing some practice before the match

Sohail Khan before the match (NewsTodayLive)
Sharad, Manoje and Indraneel SenGupta going to the stands (NewsTodayLive)
Shabbir Ahluwalia and Jay Bhanushali going to the stands (NewsTodayLive)
Coming back to the pitch. The game is about to begin (NewsTodayLive)
Bobby Deol bowling the first over (NewsTodayLive)