Free Heart Surgery in North India with Ayushmann Card

Dr Ashwani Bansal and his team *has performed* Minimally invasive ( *2-3* inch incision)  Mitral Valve replacement surgery for the first time in PUNJAB / HARYANA / HIMACHAL on 38 year patient Ram Singh ,Under Ayushman Card Scheme ( Effective Cost to Ram singh was zero)


Also at NABH accredited Dr Ashwani provides free Heart Surgery

Chandigarh 01st May, 2022: Dr. Ashwani Bansal *AIIMS Delhi trained surgeon* is all set to revolutionize the predominant way of cardiac surgery in North India . He is a successful Chandigarh  based doctor who has *experience of* more than 16000 cardiac surgeries. He has *received training* *both internationally (Poland) and at top indian medical school AIIMS Delhi for more than15 years. He is set to make cardiac surgery easier in* India. He has also successfully performed complex heart surgeries on both adults as well as Paediatric age group of patients . As a Cardiac Surgeon based at Chandigarh, he is trying to bring forward the Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS-keyhole) into practice. This process is easier on the patient, and the recovery is quick. There is hope that shortly this process will be adopted by most cardiac doctors of India to facilitate better heart surgery.

The predominant way of heart surgery in India is the Open Heart Surgery. It is quite strenuous for the patient as doctors need to access the whole chest area. The breastbone is sawed to get to the heart. Patients need to be in hospitals for a longer period, and recovery takes more than two months. The scars are quite deep, and bleeding is certainly a problem. The only way it is helpful is that it costs less money. But patients with MICS have much fewer problems, and they have a better way of life. The procedure is getting popular day by day.

How is Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery performed?

Compared to the usual process of surgery, in the MICS technique, a *2-3 inch* incision is done on the patient for the surgery. Rather than from the middle, the side of the chest is chosen. Getting between the ribs becomes easy this way, and no bones are broken. This reduces the pain and recovery time in the patient. The blood loss is also minimal as *long* cuts aren’t made in the procedure. The patient has to stay in the hospital for a lesser number of days. Regular checkups ensure that they can get back to their work almost immediately.

What are the advantages of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS-keyhole) procedure?

The main attraction to the procedure is because of the advantages that it brings in the life of the patients. Before a decade a heart surgery would have been seen as a huge procedure, but advancement in the MICS procedures has led to betterment in the field. Now, it is a matter of days before someone can do everything normally after going under the knife. Let us see some of the advantages of the MICS procedure:

  • The incision done on the patient is small, and it heals *with minimal traces* . It is made under the nipple of the patient.

  • The breastbone isn’t touched during the surgery. This decreases any bone-related issue that the patient may face.

 • The small cut and quick healing time diminish *chances* the occurrence of any infections.

• The blood loss is minimal, and need of blood transfusions lessen.

• The patient can leave the hospital after 3 to 5 days. The recovery is quick and almost immediate. They can get back to their normal lives in 10 days.

• The pain and discomfort are quite less when compared to the usual open heart surgeries.

• The procedure is perfect for patients with diabetes as they are often more prone to infection and blood loss.

• It is also good for people who are smokers or have asthma as cough after surgery might impair healing of breastbone after usual technique. 

The advantages of the procedure certainly reflect upon the need to make it more common. The only factor that one can think about is the cost that it garners. But the quick recovery and the health benefits can override the small factors.

Some common MICS procedures:

The minimal invasive way has taken over some of the most common cardiac surgeries. They have revolutionized cardiac surgeries and have made it easier on people. So, let us see some common cardiac procedures done in the MICS way:

    • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

A waxy plaque blocks the arteries of patients which can lead to several heart conditions. The surgeon takes healthy arteries from other parts of the body and *bypass the diseased* arteries present in the heart. Several arteries can be *bypassed* in the same setting making it easier on the patient.

    • Mitral Valve Repair & Replacement

Small 2-3 inch incision is placed on right side of chest below breast. 

    • Aortic Valve Repair & Replacement

The Aortic valve often get damaged due to age related changes. It can be repaired or replaced through the Minimal Invasive procedure.

. ASD/ VSD (Hole in heart) - Small children with hole in heart have repeated chest infections and poor growth. Surgery through this MICS technique not only shortens recovery time but also gives scarless front chest. Operations in this technique also need 2-3 inch cut below right breast.

    • Bentall Procedure– Replacement of Aortic Valve, Aortic Root & Ascending Aorta

The Aortic Valve may have severe problems, In most cases, the arteries attached to it are separated. The diseased portion of the valve is removed. Then an artificial graft is attached to the original valve. The arteries are attached back,and the cut is sutured. The MICS procedure although difficult but possible even for Bentall. 

• David’s Procedure – Replacement of Aortic Root

This is similar to the Bentall procedure, but in this, the valve tissues are retained. This reduced the need for blood thinners in patients. It is complex procedure and often require open technique. 

In all, it can be said that Dr. Ashwani Bansal is trying to bring something helpful in Punjab , Haryana, Himachal . Patients can opt out of the regular invasive surgeries and go for the MICS way. The advantages are quite prominent to everyone. The procedure is still less known among doctors in India. Often people go back to the cost, but the procedure is better than usual cardiac operations. Consulting a proper cardiac surgeon is of course necessary. Everyone cannot be a potential patient, but almost everyone passes the test. So, it is time to check out a new and easier process of having cardiac surgeries.Also at NABH accredited  Indus International Hospital Derabassi Dr Ashwani provides free Heart Surgery to Ayushman Card Holders .


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