Electric Cars Trucks and Tractors Will Change India

Chandigarh 6th April, 2022: There was a time when Petrol and Diesel were affordable. The time has passed, and with this crisis situation across the world, we have to cope up with the situations. We have to move to alternative technology for our vehicles, and our Government is taking each necessary steps to save common man from inflation.

One such steps is increase in car and automobile companies have started manufacturing EV Electric vehicles. Initial stage is where we can see most of the cars running on Electric fuel, which has a very low costing as well as low on emissions. To save environment, and to cut the cost of maneuvering the solution is to shift to e bikes, e motor vehicles. Till now you have seen electric bikes, electric cars, and electric buses for transportation. But, what if not only cars, but Trucks, garbage trucks, heavy trollas, or farming tractors also become energy efficient with electric power. Yes, so a Delhi based enterpreneur Mr. Uday Narang, is all set to bring such technology on the roads of India. Where he dreams of electric revolution with tractors used for farming and ploughing, trucks used for heavy loading, and garbage collecting trucks are being converted to electric ones. He spoke to us and told us about the pricing of all of his upcoming vehicles and variants he is going to launch with the help of State administrations and Central Governement.




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