Wahnon, Lords Valley; Mikel Waibel, Dalton; Paul J


The whole phenomenon was made worse by a wave of adults who were raised in the 80’s. Movies like The Road Warrior and Terminator had promised us that by the time we grew up, we’d be living in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, tear assing around a wasteland wearing leather and firing huge guns at each other, while fighting over precious food and gasoline. Shortages, in other words, were going to give us a blank check to act awesome..

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Vitzakovitch, Vandling; Kori L. Wagner, Newfoundland; Charles J. Wahnon, Lords Valley; Mikel Waibel, Dalton; Paul J. Having dense breasts areas that show up light on a mammogram is strongly associated with increased breast cancer risk, but “why” remains to be answered. Now, by examining dense and non dense tissue taken from the breasts of healthy volunteers, researchers from Mayo Clinic have found several potential links. In two studies being presented simultaneously in poster form at the Cancer Therapy Research Center American Association for Cancer Research (CTRC AACR) San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, the researchers report that dense breast tissue contains more cells believed to give rise to breast cancer, compared to non dense tissue..

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