“They’re taking off big time,” says Hogarth


It could also carry that name through to production Celine Bag Replica, although VW hasa number of other badges registered that would fit with its convention of naming its SUVs with ‘T’ names Celine Handbags Replica, including Teracor, Tribue and Terasun. The new model will share a platform and therefore a wheelbase with the next Polo, yet its design is said to be much more daring than the small hatchback’s.”The baby SUV looks very sporty,” said one company insider. “You will wonder whether it’s a VW at all; you may recognise the grille, but it’s a very exciting design elsewhere.” As our exclusive image shows, the SUV is set to feature a longer rear overhang that will help to make it a larger car altogether going some way to justifying pricing that’s likely to start at the middle of the Polo line up.The newcomer will be offered with four wheel drive again, a feature made possible by the MQB architecture and a choice of manual or dual clutch auto transmissions.

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