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Submit Your Article for Nominal Fees – Author Form

Author Instructions

If you’re an author or a webmaster, you need to publish your content, story, article, blog, or poem at our website. You need to send submit to our email ID given below. We will Review the content for plagiarism, copied content, illicit content and other benchmarks. The content should abide by the rules and policies of our website. Any false information or unauthorised information, used of forbidden words, or content not suitable for minors is not allowed on our website. The content should be original in all respects and should hold the copyrights with the author. The content or article should not exceed more than 2000 words. It can include pictures which are not very big in size, or we will have to resize them according to the page specifications.


Article Submission FAQs and Procedure

Q: How to Submit the Article?
A: Go Ahead and send in the Copy of your content, your Name, Author name, Your Company name, your purpose of submission of this article (product promotions, piece of information, or content sharing, content optimization, traffic generation) and submit it to
Q: How soon your content will be updated on our website?
A: We generally update the content same day or within 24 hours. In case of delay we do intimate the submitter of the content. Also, once your content is live, you will be intimated.
Q: Search Feature
A: You can also use our Search feature on our website, to look out for your content on our website, in future.
Q: How much do I need to pay per Article / Blog?
A: The nominal fees we charge is 4000/- INR per article/blog or 65$ with surety of Content Updation within 24 hours. You can see your Article life after the payment. Please do let us know with the screenshot of your payment at the same given ID.
Q: How many articles can you submit?
A: You can Submit as many articles per month, per week or per day. There is no content limit for submission.
Q: Do I get some Discount in fees if I order quarterly or Yearly package?
A: Yes, there is a Discount on Yearly and Quarterly package of number of articles you want to get published. You may ask for it in personal conversation or via email.
Q: How Do I make Payment?
A: You can pay PayTM on 8699810575 or you can PayPal at