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Partners – Trouble of Gayi Double New Epsisode

Two thrilling cases keep the Cops busy only on Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

Day by day the challenges in the life of the buddy cops Aditya and Manav are increasing.
In the upcoming episodes we will see, Commissioner Gogol (Johny Lever) is perturbed after Priyanka and Ramu Joshi’s daughter Shagun is kidnapped few days ahead of her wedding. He assigns the case to Inspector Aditya and Inspector Manav to trace the kidnapper. The case brings forward various suspects –there is the Pandit, the wedding designer- Priyanka, the caterer – Awesome Anna and our cop duo need to investigate and nab the real culprit. Manav hatches a plan to confront them in disguise. Will Aditya find out who the kidnapper is? Will Shagun return before the wedding?

 Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal Raju Hatela (Suyash Rai) is to be transferred from Oshiwara prison and the DGP assigns the responsibility of his safe and successful transfer to Commissioner Gogol. But during the transfer, Raju manages to trick and fool Inspector Manav (Kiku Sharda) and escapes. Hearing this, the DGP gets furious and as a punishment demotes Aditya and Manav to Traffic Hawaldars. Will Inspector Aditya and Manav manage traffic safely?  Will Inspector Aditya use his intelligence and track Raju the criminal? Will he be able to restore his lost honour and catch him?
Speaking on the track, actor Vipul Roy playing Inspector Aditya said “Inspector Aditya and Manav have two complicated to solve and they will have to use their brains and brawn to reach the criminals. It is interesting to see if they will be able to solve it successfully or no”
Watch all the action only on Sony SAB’s Partners –Monday to Friday- at 9.30PM!

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