Nemec has affected the Kent community in so many ways


Nemec has affected the Kent community in so many ways, it’s almost impossible to measure his true impact. He has stocked colleges all over the country with blue chip talent, with five of those players _ Harold Brown, Joe Dufek, Dana Wright, Tony Mandarich and Deral Boykin _ playing in the NFL. A sixth, cheap jerseys Youngstown State senior defensive back Dwyte Smiley, could easily find himself in the NFL at this time next year..

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The shop was piled to the roof with brown wooden boxes crammed with 45’s, with the name of the label on the front of the box. Saturday mornings at the shop were an essential part of life for any DJ in the 70’s who wanted to complete their oldies record cases. She was a bit bad at adding up though and always got everything dirt cheap..

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