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Mallakhamb : The Toughest form of Gymnastics

What is Mallakhamba or Mallar Khamba ?

Mallakhamba or Mallar Khamb is a form of Indian Gymnastics. Which was evolved from South India and is considered as the game of endurance. It needs a lot of patience, strength, and hard work to reach a certain level in the game. The game is divided into two parts, one is Pole Mallakhamb which is for Boys and Rope Mallakhamb which is for Girls.
In Pole Mallakhamba, boys have to use their legs and stick to a pole and show acrobatics, it can be with or without music. The Rope Mallakhamb, girls climb the rope using their hands and feet and show acrobatics in the air.
Here is the HD Video of Inter University Mallakhamb and Gymnastics Tournament Championship at Panjab University Chandigarh, which held in Feb, 2017.

Following is the coverage VIDEO LINK


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