Alphabetically speaking, arancini leads the charge


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canada goose Among 17 of the latest disclosed by the company are: “arancini,” those stuffed, breaded and fried Italian rice balls, “conlang,” meaning an invented language like Klingon Canada Goose Sale, “fast fashion” and “microaggression,” a flash point favorite on some college campuses.This is the first time the company has freshened up website listings since 2014, when it added entries to a new paper edition of its collegiate book and online at the same time.”Some of these we’ve been watching for many years and some of these are very new words,” said Peter Sokolowski, Merriam Webster’s editor at large.Alphabetically speaking, arancini leads the charge. Foreign food words are among the richest sources of new words in English and this one is borrowed from the Italian for “little orange.” Besides, Sokolowski said in a recent interview, “Anything that’s deep fried is good. We’ve all had them but I didn’t know this name. canada goose

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